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Have you been feeling stuck in a relationship, at work, or with your life's direction? Do you wake up looking for "your purpose"? Are your thoughts jumbled or disorganized? Are you surrounded by clutter at work or in your home? Do you have great ideas or best intentions but end up standing still unable to begin because you don't know where to begin?

It's all connected.

Working with me will help you to build a bridge between your yesterday, your today, and your tomorrow. It all matters. You matter! Yesterday helped you build your foundation, today is your time to test that foundation, and tomorrow is when you build upon that trusted foundation.

        Let's connect and create "Your Better Tomorrow, today!"


     ~~~~ Jane Lizotte ~~~

Professional Organizer of Mind and Space 

Certified Life/Career/Transition Coach: Coach Training Alliance

        *Guest Speaker on NBRFMradio.com (2019) 

        * Guest Speaker Merrimack Public Library (6)                                     Organization Topics (2017-18)

          * Top Pro Thumbtack  2014-2019

MA in Administration & Leadership

BA  in Education

        4 NH Education Certificates 

              * Administration/Leadership

                * Elementary Education K-8

                *General Special Education

                * Learning Disabilities

District-wide Peer Coach (NH)

                * District Level Publication:

                   Nashua School District Teacher Induction Manual

                 * Article Submitted for Publication

                    Quigley, J., Sheaff, A., & Vienneau, D., (2005).                                   Mining the Gold Within: Nashua's Induction with                         Mentoring Program. Educational Leadership -                               Supporting New Teachers and Principals, 74, 1288-                        1289.

Certified National Teacher Trainer -  Center for Teacher Effectiveness

              * Presenter NHASP Conference (2014)

              * Presenter of a school-wide workshop on Building                     Relationships with Students Investment in Their       


              * Guest Speaker at Foster Grandparent Program,                             & NH  Friends Program Forum (2015 - 2017)

Former National Program Planner for National Conference with Staff Development for Educators 


Crisis, change, transitions, relationships, clutter, or personal loss can bring on feelings of anxiety, confusion, and even depression. It may be a time in your life where you feel "STUCK". Decision making, goal setting, and next steps are all foreign to you now, where none of this was a challenge in the past. Or maybe it was, and you now want to do something about it. Skills and abilities you once found as strengths are now low functioning or non-existent without increased focus and added effort with minimal results. These are just a few of the areas where working with me can lead to "your better tomorrow". If you struggle with a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD I can be especially helpful because of my educational background. 

Whether I help become more organized cognitively or spacially, or as a coach, I walk the walk and talk the talk. It's your plan and your goals. We work together, first to formulate and prioritize your goals, and then create a plan for your success. I am here as a resource and an active listener armed with personalized strategies and a different perspective. You "are"  what you think. Feed your mind what you want to become. You steer the ship and I co-pilot. That's how we ensure that YOUR goals are met with great success and happiness.

About JQ Strategies and Services LLC - Jane Lizotte


Everyone deserves to know their reason for being and to be happy in their homes, at work, in their relationships, and with their life choices. My business has been licensed in the state of NH since 2014 and I have been enjoying every day supporting my clients in ways that best meet their needs and brings them calm and joy. 

I offer a 20-minute complimentary consult so that both you and I are certain that we’d make a good team. Comfort is key to building the professional relationship needed for your success. 

My success is measured by your degree of happiness, peace of heart and mind, relief, and calm as you realize the reality of your goals. Your success is my success! That’s it! It’s all about a sense of movement, progress, and accomplishment for you, as the client.

Why Coaching? Is it for Me/Us?

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Career Coaching

We spend between 35-60% of our day in activities related to work or our careers. For some these statistics are LOW. With easy access due to advances in technology, we are too easily pulled into work-related tasks, communications, and responsibilities beyond the typical 9-5 work day. With that said, If you are not happy with your chosen field or current position, this really can play havoc with your happiness in your daily life.  It's time to rethink what you value most in life.  "Life is too short to waste" and our goal should be to always be "PRESENT" valuing every experience life has to offer. The challenge comes with change and the unknown and uncertainty that comes with it. 

So when do we make the change? How do we go about finding what else would be a good fit for where we are at this stage in our life and career?  Where do I see myself in 5/10 years? Do I ever want to retire? Is there a point in my life where I'd like to be doing more of what aligns with my interests and passions for work? This is how change starts.

Relationship Coaching

Relationships require constant attention and care like anything else that we care about. Growth occurs when tended to otherwise it withers away and dies.  Knowing the other person is wonderful. Don't get me wrong, answering each other's sentences is adorable but can be stifling. In reverse, if we listen intently to our partner and actively engage we encourage growth and forward motion.  If you're finding yourself thinking,  "But we used to do some many things together or I talk and she hears me but doesn't really listen or actively engage", you may need to reboot the relationship. These are important perceptions but are they reality or just perception? Giving your relationship the time it deserves will help you reconnect and celebrate each other as you are today.

Organization Coaching

Oh, the mind is a tricky thing! It's been said that "one's space is a reflection of one's mind". Cognitive disorganization can add to one's tendencies to feel stressed, anxious, depressed and physically disorganized just for starters. It can also be physically and financially debilitating.  But the reverse is true as well. When your work or living space is in total disarray, it's challenging for the mind to focus, relax, or be creative. The mind wants order. So when it sees piles and clutter it will try to create that order before tending to the task at hand or allowing you to think beyond the "To-Do" List.

The good news is that once you begin the forward motion of decluttering and organizing whether it be cognitive, emotional or in your physical space you begin to feel calm. It is all doable. Like anything else, the first step is the toughest. Each one, thereafter,  if planned out properly gets easier and easier. Before long you are feeling rewarded, proud and joyful.  Is it your time? 

         Services Provided in Support of

               "Your Better Tomorrow"

Am I the best "me" I can be? Is my cognitive or physical space bringing me a sense of joy and productivity?  Does each day matter? Am I doing what I enjoy and what I feel I am supposed to be doing? Do I bring value and appreciation to others? Do I smile naturally or do I need to remind myself to smile? You deserve to be the best you that you can be. 

I am ready to "CreateMyBetterTomorrow"!

*  A 20 - minute complimentary consult is offered as a first step in hiring me for any of the following services.

It Can Be Done!

Connect with me

I am so excited to have you visit my site! If you are looking to make a change, any change in your life, you have come to the right place. Connect with me through one of the avenues below that is most convenient for you and we'll "create your better tomorrow"!

Success, Happiness, and Purpose Can Be Yours!

Testimonial from our client

"Jane is a caring professional who definitely gave me the inspiration that I needed to step back into the life I was looking for." 

Christine R. - Life Coaching

Testimonial from our client

Jane was very helpful! Our focus was interview preparation. She gave honest feedback. We reviewed key questions. Practiced and adjusted responses. Jane is "great" about following up after our meetings to check-in to see how things are going. I highly recommend her services."

Kristen P.  - Career Coaching

Testimonial from our client

"Jane has been an amazing help to me with my focus on what I want to be doing professionally. She also helped me refine my resume' into something more current and polished."

Eric W.  -  Career Coaching

Testimonial from our client

Working with Jane has been a valuable experience! She knows her stuff when it comes to being professional and helping you develop a plan to accomplish a variety of goals. She points out where you could make changes and suggests other options if you want them. So glad to have met her!"

Stephanie S.  Life/Career Coaching

Testimonial from our client

"I was initially nervous to meet with a life coach, however, after meeting with Jane I realized it was the best decisions I have made for myself in a long time. She creates a plan to help address your personal and professional goals and genuinely cares about her clients. I would highly recommend booking an appointment with Jane for career goals, life coaching skills or any other professional aspirations.

Juliane W.  -  Life/Career Coaching

Testimonial from our client

"Jane was just great! She helped me prepare for my dream job interview. Jane walked me through every step of the interview to help strengthen my presentation skills and confidence. How did my actual interview go? My future supervisor shook my hand at the end of the interview and said," I look forward to working with you!"

Debbie G.  -   Interviews

Jane has been amazing. She has helped me focus on what I really want to be doing professionally and has helped me hone my resume into something more current and polished.

             Eric W.  - Resume' Update

Testimonial from our client

Jane is a pleasure to work with, super knowledgeable in her field, always provides recommendations and is very dependable and flexible. Not only does she have a huge heart. She will make your life easier by listening more than talking. She will look into your home surroundings, establish priorities and give you guidance on the best organizational elements to fit your lifestyle. No, it is not your standard approach. Rather, a more custom approach to better meet your needs. She is up to date on recent tools to organize space. She leaves notes whenever she feels that there is something you and your family could benefit from. I would recommend Jane to my family and friends. I look forward to working more with her in the future.    Jane P.  -- Organization 

Testimonial from our client

Jane has been such a blessing for me. She has helped me navigate through my professional challenges. She has helped me work through confusion and frustration and eventually to be able to make difficult decisions. She made it easier for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel in regards to my career while never losing sight of my family. I would highly recommend her to anyone with the career challenges or if you're just not sure which direction to take.

Jacquelyn O.  -  Career Coaching

Testimonial from our client

Jane is incredibly helpful. We talked about ways to change my perspective and decided on which actions steps I should take that would help me get closer to my goal. I wanted more meaningful and valuable experiences beyond my immediate family. I am a work in progress and open to change which will allow me the flexibility to deal with the ups and downs life has to offer. I highly recommend Jane if you are looking to make a change and not sure of the direction or first steps. 

Sharron T. - Life/Career/Transition Coaching

Testimonial from our client

Jane is fantastic! I've been working with her for a few weeks now and I've made a huge amount of progress with my major life goals. She gives intelligent and practical strategies and scenarios that make tasks feel much more doable. I can tell that she really cares.

Jill M. - Life Coaching

Jane is professional, caring, and definitely gave me the inspiration I needed to step back into the life I was looking for.

     Christine R. - Life Coaching 

Testimonial from our client

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jane the other evening for a complimentary consult. Which is very unusual I have found when looking for coaches.  I was immediately impressed with her. She is easy to talk with and was able to quickly comprehend the 'Tangled web' of my current situation. She truly wants to help. You can feel that she loves what she does. This is the type of person you want to work with - not only as a coach but in any facet of life. I look forward to my journey.

Jordan F. - Life/Career Coaching